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Our advantages

Saare Põrand OÜ (Woodengold) is a full-service company specializing in the production, sale and installation of wooden floors. Providing services from consulting to installation and maintenance, we are a suitable partner for both companies and individuals.

• As a manufacturer, Woodengold guarantees you the quality of both materials and workmanship.
• Only specialists in their field work for Woodengold.
• Woodengold’s recommendations are based on the experience of hundreds of professionals, saving you precious time and money.
• Woodengold is well aware of the effects of different climatic conditions on wood materials.
• Woodengold guarantees maximum return on your investment and your complete satisfaction.
• Woodengold materials have a luxuriously long service life.
• Woodengold materials are made from the finest, carefully selected materials and designed to last.
• Woodengold only uses EC-1 grade organic oils and varnishes that do not endanger the health of you, your children or your pets.
• Woodengold does not sell price, Woodengold sells lasting quality!

Woodengold is a sure guarantee for your investment!