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Oiled wooden floors need cleaning, protection and maintenance lubrication.

Use a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning. For weekly washing, use products for wooden floors. The floor mop must be damp (not too wet), excess washing liquid must be removed immediately. It is best to use care products from the same oil manufacturer and follow their instructions.

The floors are protected from the sun’s bleaching with blinds and curtains. Be sure to use felt pillows under the legs of the furniture. Avoid dragging furniture, etc. If you have a dog at home, we recommend buying brushed floorboards or parquet. Water is the enemy of the wooden floor, as well as heels, hard car bikes, outdoor shoes. Be sure to use carpet at the front door, as well as in very walkable areas. If you keep the humidity in the rooms 40-60%, there will be no cracks between the floorboards, your health will be maintained and sleep will be of high quality. If necessary, use high-quality humidifiers.

The frequency of maintenance lubrication depends on the load on the floors and the quality of the oil used. The simple rule is that maintenance lubrication should be performed when necessary. Prior to maintenance lubrication, the machine is used for deep floor washing and then for lubrication.

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