Interior door oak with 5-glass panel SU-18

Delivery time 8-10 weeks.


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The door set is made of full oak according to the customer's measurements

Wall width 700-950 mmm

Standard wall opening height up to 2120 mm

Frame depth 80-140 mm.

You can order larger and smaller measurements than the standard ones.

Maximum door frame height 2500 mm, finger jointed up to 3000 mm

The price of the door includes:

  • Door leaf
  • Leng
  • Seal
  • Hung
  • Lock housing (AGB)
  • Moldings on both sides
  • Finishing (oil wax)

How to order? Send us information:

  • Wall opening size (width, height)
  • Desired door frame depth
  • Door set oil tone and tone code (selection can be found under the pictures)
  • Whether you want a brushed or unbrushed surface
  • Select door handle and lock
  • Do you want a threshold
Wood is a natural material, so the tonality and pattern of the doors vary.

Possible finishes: unfinished, brushed, smooth, oil-waxed (approx. 35 oil tones), according to RAL tone card.


Delivery time 8-10 weeks.