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Happy and happy start to the year!

 Woodengold, is a full-service company specializing in the production, sale, installation and maintenance of parquet and solid wood floorboards. We are a suitable partner for both companies and individuals.

The year started with discounts!

Strip parquet, oak, rustic, 16x68x340mm. Price 25 eur / m2

Parquet, oak, country, 12 / 3,1x160x600-3000mm, ready for finishing. Price 32,50 eur / m2 (can be ordered oiled)

Parquet, oak, fishtail, natural, 12 / 3,1x125x625mm, ready to finish. Price 43,92 eur / m2 (can be ordered oiled)

For customers who have bought parquet from Woodengold, -7% of installation work

Valid until 14.01.21. or until the goods continue.